Charter Challenge seeks Supreme Court ruling against first-past-the-post voting system

For Immediate Release: June 6 2017 

Last week, a majority of Members of Parliament voted to reject the recommendation of the Commons’ own Special Committee on Electoral Reform to develop a proportional voting system for Canada.

Today, a pair of non-profit organizations from opposite ends of the country are joining forces to file a Charter Challenge asserting that Canada’s discriminatory first-past-the-post voting system violates section three of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

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This project is a partnership between Springtide and Fair Voting BC.


Step 1 - Raising Money

Step 2 - Preparing for Initial Filing

Step 3 - Initial Filing

Step 4 - Waiting for first hearing

Step 5 - First hearing

Step 6 - Preparing for first appeal

Step 7 - First appeal

Step 8 - Preparing for Final Appeal

Step 9 - Final Appeal to Supreme Court

Step 10 - Await Supreme Court Decision